Türkiye Scholarships 2024 Applications

Turkiye Scholarships 2024 Applications: In addition to offering top-notch educational opportunities and a plethora of information and experience, Turkey provides scholarships to international students worldwide so they can attend the country’s most esteemed colleges.

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The finest institutions in Turkey offer full-time and short-term scholarships to deserving students and researchers through the competitive, government-funded Turkiye Scholarship Program.

The goal of Turkiye Scholarships is to create a network of future leaders who are dedicated to enhancing international collaboration and intersocietal understanding.

What is the Turkiye Scholarships 2024 Applications deadline?

Applications for the Turkiye Scholarships for 2024 will be accepted in one session, and international students from all countries may apply between January 10 and February 20, 2024.

What makes Turkiye Scholarships special?

Turkiye Scholarships are special because they offer university placement, academic, social, and cultural facilities, as well as financial support, tuition fees, housing, and health insurance to recipients at all levels of higher education.

Programs and Study Levels

Applications are being accepted for the following programs: postgraduate and undergraduate

Applicants seeking to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees may submit an application.

There are other application times for other programs like Research Scholarships, Success Scholarships, and KATİP, which are constantly publicized on our website and social media channels.

Turkiye Scholarships 2024

How to apply?

All applicants must upload the following files to the Turkiye Scholarships Application System (TBBS) in order to submit their applications online:

  • A current passport, ID card, or identity document
  • A recent year-old picture of the applicant
  • Results of national exams, if any
  • A diploma or a provisional certificate of graduation
  • Transcript Results of any international exams (GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.), if requested by the program or university of choice
    Results of international language exams, such as the TOEFL or DELF, if needed by the program or university of choice
  • A research subject proposal and a written example of your completed work (only for PhD candidates)

What is application calendar of Turkiye Scholarships?

General Procedure 

Application Period: January 10 – February 20                                      Evaluation Process: March–April-May  Interview Period: June – July  Announcement of Results: Early August  Initial Procedures: August              Transfers of Grantees to Turkiye: September 

Success of Scholarship 

Application Period: October–November  Evaluation Process and Announcement of Results: November

Scholarship Period

Period Application Period Evaluation Process and Announcement of Results
1st January–March April
2nd April–June July
3rd July–September October
4th October–December January


What is eligibility criteria for Turkiye Scholarships 2024 applications for international Students?

For every educational level, Turkiye Scholarships has created distinct and tailored scholarship programs. It provides a wide range of qualifying scholarship possibilities, including joint scholarship programs established with internationally renowned universities, research and merit-based scholarships, art scholarships, and long-term bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD scholarships.

What is minimum academic achievement?

  • For undergraduate applicants: 70%
  • For graduate applicants: 75%
  • For Applicants of Health Sciences (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy): 90%

What is age criteria for Turkiye Scholarships applications?

  • For undergraduate level: being under the age of 21
  • For master’s level: being under the age of 30
  • For PhD level: being under the age of 35
  • For Research Scholarship: being under the age of 50

Who is eligible for Turkiye Scholarships Applications?

  • Candidates from every country
  • Graduates or those scheduled to graduate by August 2024, the end of the current academic year
  • Scholars and researchers

Important Things to remember about Turkiye Scholarships 2024 Applications

Turkish language instruction is offered in many university programs. Nonetheless, certain divisions and academic institutions might provide courses in both English and other languages. Those who want to enroll in these programs have to be able to show proof of language ability that is recognized throughout the world. (TOEFL or other comparable certifications, if formally acknowledged by the university). The majority of these programs demand the results of international admission tests (GMAT, SAT, GRE, etc.). While selecting programs in the application system, candidates have the option to verify the instruction’s language.

Candidates for undergraduate programs who hold international qualifications, such as SAT or GCSE, rather than national exam scores, will be required to submit the minimal credentials required by these international exams in order to graduate from secondary school.

The recipients of the Turkiye Scholarships who do not yet have the C1 Level Certificate for Turkish Proficiency—including those enrolled in programs taught in English or another language—must complete a one-year Turkish Language Course in order to obtain the certificate by the end of the academic year.