S&P Global & NUST MoU

A Memorandum of Agreement ( MOU ) was signed on September 14, 2023, by S&P Global Inc. and NUST Placement Office.

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The research, industrial linkages, training, and employment possibilities for both are expected to be good  for strategic cooperation.

Dr. Rizwan Riaz, pro-rector of RIC, and Mr. Mujeeb Zahur, managing director of S&P Global, signed the MoU during an event held at NUST. The S&P Global HR, Marketing and Operations team and the NUST Recruiting Office staff both attended the ceremony.

Mr. Mujeeb Zahur stressed the critical role that strong industry-academia collaborations play.In addition to reiterating S&P Global’s unwavering commitment to hiring highly qualified employees.

He also emphasized the additional advantages that this relationship will provide.

This involves giving students cutting-edge final-year project (FYP) chances, creating a distinctive platform for the application of knowledge practically.

The collaboration will also act as a breeding ground for spotting and fostering outstanding potential, giving them vital real-world abilities that go beyond traditional academic lessons.

Dr. Rizwan Riaz praised S&P Global’s innovative strategy while also highlighting NUST’s unique strengths. He underscored NUST’s unwavering commitment to equipping students with the knowledge they need to become employers’ top picks.

Dr. Riaz emphasized that NUST graduates stand out for having a broad range of skills that enable them to succeed on the international stage.He went on to highlight the collaboration’s broad implications and how important it was for promoting all-around development.

The team had the honour of touring the National Science & Technology Park (NSTP), a center for cutting-edge research and innovation.

This tour highlighted the potential influence of this relationship on upcoming technical advancement and offered priceless insights into the dynamic world for creativity and the sharing of technology.

  • NUST and S&P Global Inc. are ready to support talent, fostering innovation and accelerating industrial creativity by signed MOU.